Volunteers Wanted by CRCL

This just in from the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana:

Subject: Volunteers Needed to Maintain Cypress Trees and Help Grow Wetland Plants
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 09:32:58 -0500
From: “Volunteers” <coalition@crcl.org>

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Thanks to the energetic volunteers who helped us unload 1,240 cypress trees on October 11, 2010. Over 200 trees were packed into trucks and trailers and brought to the Big Mar Planting Site. The remaining 1,000 trees are being held at the Pelican Greenhouse thanks to the generosity of City Park and the LSU AgCenter until they are transferred to Jean Lafitte National Park for planting in early December.

We still need your help!

The trees need to be maintained until early December. Volunteers will be working with the LSU AgCenter and AmeriCorps to weed and water the trees and keep them healthy. In addition, volunteers will be helping to propagate marsh grasses for projects on Elmer’s Island and Bayou St. John.

We are looking for 25 volunteers for each of the following dates:
·         Thursday, October 21st
·         Wednesday, October 27th
·         Wednesday, November 3rd
·         Wednesday, November 10th
·         Wednesday, November 17th
·         Monday, November 22nd

Volunteers are asked to volunteer from 9:00am to 3:00 pm and will need to supply their own lunch. Volunteers will also learn about Louisiana’s land loss issues and the BP Oil Spill and how projects such as this one will help restore the coast.
Feel free to volunteer for one or multiple days!

This volunteer opportunity is part of 10,000 Trees for Louisiana project being completed in partnership with the Louisiana Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, RPM Ecosystems Gulf Coast LLC, Restore the Earth Foundation, LSU AgCenter, AmeriCorps and Entergy Corporation.

Register online at www.crcl.org
Or by calling (888) LACOAST