Atchafalaya Basin Action Table Survey

The Friends of the Atchafalaya are attempting to gather opinions from our partners and supporters in the Basin on approaches to restoration in the Floodway and surrounding areas. The attached documents include our own opinions, as well as several options that we might not approve of. We have tried to identify our goals as separate from the survey options. Please contact me if you are confused by any of the documents.

charlesc _a_ t_ (Type it like a normal email address, not like it looks here – spam is a pain.)

The documents are:

1) A letter from FOA explaining the project and asking for your input – note that it has two pages with details on the second page.

2) The survey in Excel spreadsheet form if you want to fill it out electronically and return it that way.
Atchafalaya Basin Action Table Spreadsheet

3) The survey in PDF format so that you can print it and fill it out by hand.
Atchafalaya Basin Action Table Printout