Bayou Teche Cleanup

[From an article in by William Johnson • March 31, 2009]

The Friends are apparently not the only group trying to clean up our waterways and landings and this week, we salute volunteers on the west side of the historic Atchafalaya Basin. Bayou Teche is one of the old meanderings of the Mississippi River and is considered the western border of the geologic “Atchafalaya Basin”. One of the interesting aspects of the Atchafalaya Basin is the range of definitions that you will find given by groups with different interests in the Basin. The geologic description is one of the broadest.

Blake Couvillon, an Arnaudville resident who lives on the banks of the bayou, organized last weekend’s cleanup, which targeted about six miles of Bayou Teche in St. Martin Parish. More than 20 participants using five boats and two kayaks took part. Because of high water that prevented crews from getting to some of the trash, Couvillon is hoping to repeat the cleanup later this year after the flood waters recede. Click the link above for the full story, and check out the picture of the pile of trash that they collected.


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