More Comments on Corps Master Plan

Several partner organizations have released their comments on the Draft Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System Project, Louisiana Master Plan and have agreed to let us post them here.

You will find common threads among all of the comments. Most groups are seriously concerned about the environmental health of the lands and waters inside (and outside) the Floodway, and have stated that concern in their comments. There seems to be a consensus that a higher priority should be given to the protection and restoration of the remaining quasi-natural environment, heavily modified as it may be.

This quote from comments submitted by the Atchafalaya Basin Program sums up most of the sentiments.

“We understand that the primary function of the ABFS is flood control, and Louisianans certainly appreciate the successful implementation of that function, especially during the flood event of 2011. However, we are deeply concerned about the priority and pace of the protection, preservation, and restoration activities that are essential in preventing the permanent loss of this unique environment.”

The organizations and individuals whose comments are available are: [click on name to download comments]

Atchafalaya BasinKeeper

Atchafalaya Basin Program [PDF Format]

Atchafalaya National Heritage Area  [PDF Format]

Louisiana Wildlife Federation  [Microsoft Word format]

Ruffled Grouse Society  [PDF Format]

Sierra Club – Delta Chapter

Willie Fontenot  [Microsoft Word format]

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