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Unofficial ABP Update (revised)

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Just in case anyone missed it, HB1135 was signed into law by the Governor on June 30 and becomes effective on August 15 of this year. It was designated Act 606. You can read the text at (scroll down the page and enter 1135 next to HB to search for the final version.)

The act contains most of the elements of the original bill, including the creation of the oversight and technical committees, but not the specified funding, based on 50% of the monies collected by the Department of Natural Resources in the Basin, up to $10M per year. Apparently, the funding will be voted upon as part of a constitutional amendment this fall. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Also, the meetings calendar of the Atchafalaya Basin Program now shows a Research and Promotion Board Meeting on July 23 at 9:30 AM, and an Atchafalaya Basin Advisory Committee meeting on September 9 at 10 AM in the usual place at the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries on Quail Drive.

The Research and Promotion Board meeting will be in the LaSalle Room in the DNR building at 617 North Third Street in Baton Rouge. It is an open meeting and a newspaper announcement should appear soon.

In addition, there are apparently plans in the works for several public hearings around the Basin this fall to solicit input for projects. This is in accordance with Act 606. They should also be advertised in the papers.

As for the rumor that there is a new Director of the Atchafalaya Basin Program, that seems to be just a rumor. Dave Fruge has apparently moved into Coastal Restoration and inquiries are again being directed to Robert Benoit, the Assistant Director. As far as i know, no plans have been announced for a permanent Director.


FOA BasinNews is up!

Monday, May 21st, 2007

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